Ringing in a new season

So, it’s been awhile. Here’s the quickie update: the sliding season has started again and Canadian Championships/first team selection race is next Saturday, November 1, in Calgary. Based on results from that race the top finishers will be invited to race the following week. The combined results will determine team positions, including those for the World Cup and Intercontinental Cup Circuits. My goal is to earn a World Cup berth. As always, the competition is tight this year and the use of only one track for selection races (Calgary) significantly favours fast pushers (which if you have been familiar with my story over the years has been a weakness of mine). So, although I am very comfortable and confident with my sliding abilities, it’s always hard to predict exactly what will happen on race day. The bottom line is, despite a very tough season last year, and a number of significant changes to the skeleton program this year, I am ready to do the best I can and represent my country and myself. Most importantly, I hope to continue to cross the finish line smiling, which along with my passion for competition and continued improvement, keeps me coming back year after year, despite the challenges.

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And last but not least, for those of you who were wondering, here is the final product of Baby Nanias (my sister’s baby announced in a previous blog post), Miss Teckla:


What a cutie pie!