Gobble gobble

The first two weeks of sliding for the 2013/14 season are in the books!  As I reflect back over the summer and early season I am filled with a sense of happiness and relief.  Relieved that yes, I do in fact still remember how to slide, and happy that yes, I do still love the feeling of flying down the icy track at highway speeds, and…oh yes.. there is more to skeleton that the first 50 meters we obsess over for the 6 months of the off season!


The past months have been challenging.  The never-ending treadmill of training, work, sleeping and eating can get tiring and overwhelming.  Sometimes the light at the end of the tunnel seemed discouragingly far. But there were some bright spots along the way.  A couple of fantastic weddings to remind me of what life is really all about- family, love and new beginnings.


Randee and John


Dimitri and Natalka









Plus, a new addition to the Prediger clan will be arriving in April–my sister Michelle is pregnant with her first child!

When sometimes the doubt creeps in and I wonder “will I be faster?”, “is all this hard work and sacrifice going to pay off”, “will I get my shot at the Olympics?”, an unexpected personal best or encouraging words from coaches magically appears.  And of course it’s not really magic, the bottom line is what you put in generally dictates what you will get out.  Hard work, determination, trust, perspective and a dash of good humor is my recipe for success.   And believe it or not, it is surprisingly difficult to have all of those things at once.

Our first selection race is next Saturday, October 19, at 12:00 at Canada Olympic Park. If you are in or around Calgary, please grab your hot chocolate and cowbells and come cheer on your future Canadian Olympic Skeleton athletes!   And of course, Happy Thanksgiving!