Evolution of the push

Here are some videos showing the evolution of my push start from 2006 to now.  I may not have the fastest push in the world yet, but considering where I came from, it’s not too bad.

First year push from the top:

[youtube fkT3fAQP7B4]

Ice house training:

>6 seconds:

[youtube tR0BOx-vFaA]

Around 5.9 seconds:

[youtube nYngRA5ZKVM]

5.8 seconds:

[youtube T8ZtHsCY8Yg]

5.7 seconds:

[youtube ymtyVtgVSbg]

5.6 seconds:

[youtube BIaT0ieGXOw]

5.5 seconds:

[youtube 4MPqp_0OZA0]

5.4 seconds:

[youtube mzrykGb_LQg]

And finally, a push from this year’s selection race in Calgary:

[youtube 6wOJ2r-oLSY]